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Veggie Dog

5 x 5” holographic print

“One night, aimlessly scrolling on Twitter, I stumbled across a photo of this dog seemingly in charge of a vegetable stall at a street market. Zooming into the paper signs to read the writing, I realized the market was in Korea, and this was maybe even a Jindo dog. It’s always a funny feeling encountering something Korean when you least expect it, like seeing a familiar face. The photo made me nostalgic for summers in Korea, walking through a market with a fresh-squeezed kiwi juice pouch in hand. I’ve never been lucky enough to see a perfect scene like this in real life, though—it feels like a scene from a dream, like my memories of Korea.”

Dami Lee is a Seoul-born, New York-based artist and writer. She is the author of Be Everything At Once, a comic collection illustrating her time growing up in Texas, her experience with reverse culture shock returning to Korea as an adult, and misunderstandings about basic human interactions. She draws the bi-weekly series As Per Usual on Webtoon, and has drawn comics for LA Times, The New Yorker, Buzzfeed, Cosmopolitan, and premium mustard brands.