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Koreangry Issue No. 10

Spring 2021, color, 44 pages

“Koreangry Zine #10 is the anniversary issue on the theme “Fake.” It includes ongoing comics, ideas, and collages of my work, and features two fantastic Korean American writers Joanne Heo (@joanneheo) and Han Ahn (@fubarhan).”

Eunsoo Jeong is a Los Angeles-based Korean-American artist and creator of Koreangry, a comic/zine series based on her daily struggles as an immigrant woman searching for her identity in today’s political climate. Born in South Korea, she immigrated to San Francisco at age 13. After attending the Animation/Illustration program at San Jose State University, she headed down to Los Angeles to pursue her career in the animation industry. She has worked as a color artist on multiple projects at Nickelodeon Animation Studios and Dreamworks TV. Her miniatures often include recycled materials, scraps, and found objects—where she finds the imperfection and grimy nature of the materials to reflect the smutty content of her work.