The JEONG Portfolio The JEONG Portfolio a digital reproduction

Sacrificial Love

5 x 7” white egg paper, digital photograph

“Jeong is familiar but also unfamiliar to me. I see it the most in Korean families, whether it’s my own or another family I may meet for the first time. It comes from deep within, and I see it in the way we hold one another. Jeong is something that needs time, and I believe it becomes stronger between people as we get older. I photographed this when I was meeting a Korean family for the first time. Even though I did not know them at all, they displayed sacrifice, care, concern and warmth right away—towards me, but also between one another. It reminded me of the jeong that flows between all of us because of our shared history and what our ancestors went through.”

Hannah Yoon is a Korean Canadian freelance photographer based in Philadelphia. Her background is in photojournalism and documentary photography. She is interested in the way people relate to one another and is curious about how history impacts the present.

While studying sociology and psychology in college, Hannah became interested in social justice and racial justice issues. Through photography, she wants to better understand why we are the way we are and how everything is connected. Hannah is a proud member of Women Photograph, Diversify Photo, and founding board member of the Authority Collective. She is part of these groups as a photographer because she wants to see equity in the photo industry.