The JEONG Portfolio The JEONG Portfolio a digital reproduction

KAAC launches its first portfolio, JEONG: a collection of art and writing by 23 Korean American artists and writers. In response to the Atlanta massacre and ongoing anti-Asian hate crimes, we asked artists and writers to contribute work that examines Jeong, a distinctly Korean concept which encapsulates a sense of community, connection, and solidarity. 

Featuring work by Aimee Lee :  Andy Marra :  Aram Han Sifuentes :  Arhm Choi Wild :  Cha :  Dami Lee :  E.J. Koh :  Eunsoo Jeong :  Franny Choi :  Hannah Bae :  Hannah Yoon :  Jonie Broecker :  Julia Kwon :  Kimchi Juice :  Kyung Chyun :  Lars Kim :  Mary Kang :  Mizin Shin :  Robin Ha :  Rochelle Youk :  Seonna Hong :  Steph Rue :  Sunny Oh

A limited number of physical copies of the Jeong portfolio are available at the KAAC webshopStandard and Deluxe. For more information, please visit