The JEONG Portfolio The JEONG Portfolio a digital reproduction

Wrapped in 정

9 x 8” hand embroidery on canvas; variable edition of 10; stitched as meditative practice

“I have always imagined the patches of fabric in a jogakbo style of bojagi as individuals stitched together in community. For this series of hand embroideries, the stitch represents jeong, implying that we are both individually and collectively made up of jeong. The moon jar was chosen as a powerful symbol of my Korean maternal lineage and to honor our ancestors of land, sky, and sea. It evokes the image of a form that holds emptiness and expansiveness within.

Wrapped in 정 is me telling the story of our interconnectedness and in doing so, the story of our infinite belonging.”

Jonie Broecker is a Vashon Island-based artist who found her way into hand embroidery by using each stitch as an anchor during meditation. As she integrated these two ancient crafts into her daily practice, she found herself woven through time and seated directly in the presence of her ancestors. Her work explores the manifestations of form and spirit as a biracial Korean American living in the world today.