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Demilitarized Zone

8 x 10” risoprint

“In the poem Demilitarized Zone by Franny Choi, the narrator is on a journey. As the narrator moves from place to place, the flow of simple, sometimes beautiful moments is described, but through a repetitious lens that disrupts and complicates the experience. In designing for this poem, I tried to use a simple typesetting and subtle graphic overprint to represent this journey, and to express a hope for the dismantling of boundaries that keep us apart.”

Sunny Oh is a multidisciplinary designer engaged in exhibition, graphic, and industrial design. She enjoys the curiosity and the deep relationships required to make compelling work— between people, materials, tools and techniques.

Franny Choi is the author of Soft Science (Alice James Books) and Floating, Brilliant, Gone (Write Bloody Publishing). A graduate of the Helen Zell Writers’ Program, she co-hosts the podcast VS with Danez Smith and teaches at Williams College.